Resume for John William Krupansky (John W. Krupansky, Jack Krupansky)

American citizen born in 1954 in Toms River, New Jersey, USA.


135 East 50th Street Apt 10F
New York, NY 10022
Email: or


Simultaneous BS (with honor) and MS in Computer Sciences 1976
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ


Jack has been a Software Developer, Software Engineer, Software Development Engineer in Test, Project Leader, Team Lead, Group Manager, Independent Software Consultant, and Independent Product Developer for Specification, Design, and Implementation of Compilers, Software Tools, Graphics, Electronic CAD applications, Windows GUI applications, Multimedia applications, corporate databases, internet web search engines, software agent servers, and image processing applications on PCs, workstations, and minicomputers at companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Wang Laboratories, Cadnetix, Access Technology, Spectralink, VIS Development, Northern Light, Global IDs, Radianz, Incubix, Microsoft, Lucid Imagination, and a major retailer.

Jack is a generalist and problem solver and has always been used by management to attack difficult product development problems needing prompt but innovative solution.  His best work is with problems requiring sophisticated data structures (e.g., compilers, CAD applications, web search engines, databases.)  He learns new computer hardware, software, and programming languages and tool environments quickly and is very flexible in how he approaches new situations.  He works equally well at systems level development and applications development.

Jack resides in New York City, but is available for work assignments in any geographic area.  Jack is comfortable "telecommuting" and working on issues over the phone, IM, Skype, and IRC (but preferably via email), but is also quite willing to work at a client site or to do a moderate amount of travel or even relocate if necessary.

Although available for work in any area of technology, Jack's primary technical interests are software agent technology, distributed computing, and enterprise search.

His professional web site is at

His research portal for software agent technology is at


Search Engineer, Architect, and Team Lead
Major retailer (contract)

Developed a new REST-based search API based on Apache Lucene/Solr to support multiple high-volume consumer web retail applications.

Coded in Java using Eclipse/STS (Spring Tool Suite), Maven, JUnit, Jenkins, JSON, Jersey.

1/12 - 05/12

Freelance Software Developer
Base Technology (worked at home)

Developed a leading edge software agent server in Java with a REST API, which is available as open source online.

Coded in Java using Eclipse, JUnit, Ant, and Github.

10/11 - 1/12

Professional development "between engagements", pursuing independent reading and research, including:

2/08 - 10/11

Independent Software Development Consultant/Contractor
Lucid Imagination, Inc. - (work from home)

Software development for enhancements to Lucid products for full-text search platforms for enterprise search based on the Apache Lucene and Solr open source enterprise search software (LucidWorks Enterprise and LucidWorks 2.0). Work has included development of a new query parser, document crawling and indexing.

Used Java5 and Java6 on Windows XP and Windows 7, Eclipse, cygwin/bash, subversion, git, ant, Hudson, Jenkins, JUnit, JSON, XML, Linux, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr and SolrJ, Apache ManifoldCF, Apache Tika, Amazon AWS EC2, REST API, LucidWorks Enterprise, LucidWorks 2.0, Open Source Software applications, IRC, etc.

Independent blogging and technical research and writing as well:
Entrepreneurial Engineering - - Entrepreneurship for technical professionals
The Semantic Abyss - Plumbing the Semantic Web - - Semantic Web technology
Agtivity - - Software agent technology web site
Agtivity - - Software agent technology blog
Base Technology - - Personal professional web site
Jack on Blogging - - Blogging and social media

5/06 - 2/08

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)
Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA

Development of software tools for testing of networking, communications, and connectivity software components of Windows CE-based mobile and embedded devices.

Developed test suites for VoIP: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), including automated network capture analysis.

Participated in shipping Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2, and Windows Mobile 6.1.

Used C/C++ and XML in Visual Studio on Windows XP and Windows CE.

9/04 - 4/06

Independent Software Development Consultant
Incubix - Technology development firm in Boulder, Colorado

Developed portions of text document image processing applications, including both workflow, processing of text files, and detailed, pixel-level image manipulation.

Also developed software for feature analysis of electron microscopy tomogram images for cell biology research.

Used Microsoft Visual Studio, C/C++, and MATLAB on Windows XP.

4/04 - 9/04

Software Consultant for GlobalIDs
Radianz (now BT Radianz) - Global network services provider for the financial community, Nutley, New Jersey and Manhattan

Data integration projects, including data migration and data cleansing.

Used Oracle SQL and PL/SQL scripting on Windows 2000 using Oracle Enterprise, Oracle JDeveloper, and Quest Software TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Development).  Limited amount of Unix use as well.

4/96 - 5/06

Independent Technology Researcher
Base Technology

Ongoing deep background research in the field of software agent technology.  Software agents are the future of software technology, but much research remains before they are truly ready for prime time.

Developed research portal for Software Agent Technology,, using Microsoft FrontPage.

1/98 - 6/99

Independent Software Consultant
NorthernLight Technology - Search engine firm, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Developed technical enhancements to the web search engine for search query parsing and web page parsing.  Added support for full boolean search queries. Developed using C/C++ Windows and Digital/Compaq OpenVMS.

4/89 - 1/99

Base Technology, independent consultant and product developer Development and marketing of Liana and CodeScript, a C-like object-oriented programming language and class library that simplifies the development of applications for Microsoft Windows and Windows NT.  Liana was developed in C/C++.

Developed and maintained web site,

Development of TCP/IP-based infrastructure for software agents.


Independent Software Consultant
ReadyAbout Interactive - Boston-based new media firm

Developed an interactive multimedia kiosk application to allow visitors to two California museums to interact using PictureTel video-conferencing, including direct user control of camera motion.  Developed using Macromedia Director.

9/92 - 3/98

Independent Software Consultant
VIS Development Corporation - Waltham, MA-based CD-ROM-based video training firm

Development of a multimedia-based interactive training authoring system for Microsoft Windows that allows the user to view full-motion video as well as audio, bitmap images, and text.  Includes a hierarchical navigation to allow the user to navigate to the desired training material as well as a database to track the user's progress and control the appearance of the screen and which options are available to the user as they progress through their training.  They have no development staff;  I perform all development on a part-time basis.  In addition to the actual software development I was the overall architect of the product and worked directly with sales and marketing to define its feature set.  Developed using the Liana object-oriented programming language and its high-level Windows class library.  C/C++ was used to enhance the features and performance of Liana.

3/92 - 9/92

Independent Software Consultant
InfoNow Corporation - Boulder, Colorado

Development of a CD-ROM-based application for Microsoft Windows that allows the user to review on-line product literature for PC-based applications as well as obtain demos and actual (encrypted) software off the CD-ROM.  Used C and the Windows SDK.

12/91 - 3/92

Independent Software Consultant
Spectralink, Inc. - Boulder, CO-based wireless workplace telephone supplier

Development of diagnostics, in C, for their new wireless telephone system.

8/91 - 10/91

Independent Software Consultant
NEOCAD, Inc. - Boulder, CO (now part of Xylinx)

Implemented a launcher (front-end), in C, for their CAD tools.  Initially on MS-Windows and then converted to C++ and their proprietary portability layer and ported to Motif on Sun Solaris (UNIX).

10/90 - 5/91

Independent Software Consultant
Access Technology, Inc. - Natick, MA

Responsible for porting a new Motif-based personal productivity software product to MS-Windows 3.0.  Worked as a member of a team of eight software engineers.  Interacted with product marketing (as the Windows expert) and QA.

2/89 - 2/90

Manager of Graphics Software (contractor)
Access Technology, Inc.

Responsible for turning an acquired presentation graphics software package (similar to Harvard Graphics) into a commercial VAX/VMS product, including product definition, working with marketing, directing the effort of the software vender which continued doing contract development, and staffing to bring development in-house.  Also responsible for integrating a GKS graphics library with the 20/20 spreadsheet modeling product.

2/89 - 6/89

Independent Product Developer

Product definition and preliminary development of an architectural CAD package for the PC under Microsoft Windows.  Developed a CAD drawing program under Microsoft Windows.

6/88 - 10/88

Independent Product Developer

Participated in the development of a relational database package for the PC (Pinnacle Relational Engine by Vermont Database Corporation.)

3/88 - 8/88

Independent Product Developer

Prepared business plan for an architectural CAD product.  Organized meetings of the principals.  Developed product and business proposals.  Initiated contacts with venture capital firms.  Interviewed architects,
CAD dealers, and professional and market research firms.  Reviewed products at dealers and trade shows.

10/87 - 3/88

Independent Software Consultant
Boulder, Colorado

Consulting related to software tools, configuration management, and databases.

1/87 - 9/87

Senior Partner and Computer Software Consultant
Base Technology Partners
Boulder, Colorado

CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) market review.  CASE product strategy and planning.
Relational database software and schema for CASE -- conception, planning, specification, design, and implementation.  PostScript(tm) subset interpreter as front-end for database access -- conception, specification, design and implementation.
Evaluation of Microsoft Windows for a database query interface -- design and implementation.  CASE configuration management software -- planning, specification, and design.  Advanced CASE tools and capabilities -- planning and specification.  Work breakdown and responsibility coordination for partnership.  Technical review of CASE technology, business plans, and products for a venture capital firm.  Consulting on software tools and graphics.  Systems and Languages:  C on IBM-PC/AT compatible PC under MS-DOS and MS-Windows, PostScript-like interpretive language on PC.  [Note: I had two partners;  one decided to pursue a graduate degree and consulting career and the other is continuing to develop the database software as a stand-alone product in addition to consulting.]

4/82 - 1/87

Senior Software Engineer and Software Manager
Cadnetix Corporation    [electronic CAD/CAM/CAE]
Boulder, Colorado

PASCAL cross-compiler modification for proprietary 68000-based target system hosted on a VAX.  Low level debugger for 68000 -- design and implementation.  Supervised initial software tools projects.  Color graphics system software -- specification, design, implementation, and supervision.  2901-based microcoded bit-slice graphics engine microcode and system software -- design, implementation, and management.  Interactive electronic circuit schematic capture software -- design, implementation, and group management.  Interactive printed circuit board editing software (including manual and
automatic placement, optimization, and routing) -- design, implementation, and group management.  Interactive digital logic simulation, microcoded acceleration of simulation, and physical modelling simulation -- group management.  Artificial intelligence for electronic CAE/CAD -- technical planning.  Portable reimplementation of CAE/CAD software products -- initial planning.  Interactive electronic CAE on IBM PC integrated into a Local Area Network using Sun's PC-NFS -- product planning, architectual design, and management.  Initial planning for porting of software to UNIX.  Evaluation of standard platforms for CAE/CAD (SUN, Apollo, DEC MicroVAX, IBM PC/RT) -- developed proposal for requirements, visited venders, arranged for loaner machines for evaluation, and pursued technical issues with vender technical, marketing, and sales personnel.  Technical publications capability on IBM PC (based on MicroSoft WORD) with networked laser printing on a proprietary device server -- review of vender products, arranged for demonstrations, brought in products for
evaluation, product planning, architectual design, and technical supervision.  Analysis of software tools needs and preparation of recommendations.  Managed groups of from 2 to 12 software engineers including hiring, personnel assignment, supervision, performance reviews, and resource requirement planning and acquisition.  Close interaction with hardware engineering.  Interacted extensively with marketing organization.  Participated in trade shows.  Systems and Languages:  PASCAL and Assembler on VAX/VMS, PASCAL and Assembler on Cadnetix' proprietary 68000/68010-based workstation under Cadnetix proprietary UNIX-like operating system, microcode on Cadnetix bit-slice graphics engine, C on IBM PC/AT under PCDOS, UNIX on Cadnetix workstation and servers.

5/83 - 9/83

Independent Software Consultant
Interactive Images
[now the Easel Corporation], Woburn, MA

Enhancement of the EASEL programming language.  Developed in C under UNIX.

9/79 - 4/82

Principal Software Engineer and Project Leader
Wang Laboratories, VS Computer Group
Lowell, Massachusetts

PL/I compiler porting -- implementation.  Symbolic debugger -- specification, design, and implementation.  PL/I compiler 68000 code generator -- contract coordination including facilities planning.  Interactive forms software -- participated in specification development and review and was liaison between languages and database software development groups.  Interactive help and on-line documentation tool -- conception, design, and implementation.  Developed proposals for enhancing system software architecture and improving human factors of user interface.  Systems and Languages:  PL/I, BASIC, and Assembler on WANG/VS, PL/I on IBM 3033.

5/76 - 9/79

Senior Software Engineer
Digital Equipment Corporation, Large Computer Group [DECSYSTEM20 development]
Marlboro, Massachusetts

RMS-20 Record Management System -- implementation.  New COBOL compiler -- design and implementation.  BLISS data structure definition preprocessor and access macros for portable software development -- conception, design, and implementation.  Debugger support for complex data structures -- conception, design, and
implementation.  Design language and internal documentation preparation tools -- conception, design, and development.  Source control tool -- conception, design, and implementation.  Architectual enhancements to the PDP-10 processor instruction set (9-bit bytes) to support high performance commercial (COBOL) applications -- paricipated in group developing proposals and developed software to simulate the performance impact of the proposals.  Software standards development and review.  Software tools project leader -- conception, proposals, project planning, interviewing DEC software developers to gather their input.  Systems and Languages: BLISS-10, Common BLISS, SNOBOL, and MACRO-10 Assembler on DECSYSTEM20 under TOPS-20.

9/72  - 5/76

Staff Student Programmer
Stevens Institute of Technology, Computer Center
Hoboken, New Jersey

SITGO fast load and go FORTRAN compiler -- design and implementation.  XTEC TECO editor and language -- conception, design, and implementation.  LOGO interpreter -- enhancement and maintenance.  Systems and Languages: MACRO Assembler, TECO, and LOGO on DECsystem-10 under TOPS-10.

7/72 - 6/74

Programmer Trainee
Ocean County Information Network (Ocean County College)
Toms River, New Jersey

Business application software maintenance and development.  Systems and Languages: Assembler on RCA/UNIVAC Series 70/46.

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