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Introducing the Base Technology Software Agent Server

By Jack Krupansky

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The Base Technology Software Agent Server is an open source JSON-based REST API server which provides a safe environment in which users can develop and deploy software agents for web computing, independent of their own computing devices. Agents have full access to the web, subject to comprehensive administrative controls for the agent server.

Software agents - small computer programs which automatically, autonomously, and safely perform tasks on behalf of users with little if any direct supervision.

Software agent model - a simple but sophisticated declarative language for expressing the intent of an agent and how it interacts with other agents, which enables automation by the agent server.

Software agent server - software agents can run indefinitely (even years) and independent of the availability of the user's own computing devices, with their state maintained persistently and automatically. Much of the traditional logic of an agent is factored out of the individual agents pushed down into the agent server where it can be shared and optimized across agents.

Data source agents - specialized agents which periodically poll web resources, extract, analyze, manipulate, and reformulate raw web data to make it usable by normal agents.

Normal agents - agents which declare their dependencies on the output data of other agents, which may be either normal or data source agents, or even hybrid agents. Data is propagated automatically without the need for polling. Agents can notify users via email upon completion of tasks, progress, or when user input is needed.

Scripting language - for expressing procedural code for specific steps of the logic in an agent. Supports sophisticated string and text manipulation, lists and maps (tables), and web objects. Base

Comprehensive administrative controls - assure that rogue agents can cause no harm, that buggy agents can easily be detected, what web resources can be accessed, limit notifications, and manage overall server performance. The rate at which data sources are polled and data is propagated between agents can also be limited administratively.

Stage 0 - preliminary, experimental, pre-release of the agent server intended to get feedback from advanced technology evaluators at organizations which are heavy producers or consumers of large-scale data, the prospective early adopters of software agent technology.

Business model - the agent server is open source under the Apache License version 2.0. Source and distribution zip are available on GitHub. Income from consulting and contract work. In the future, possibly from operation of agent clusters, agent grids, and advanced agent services.

The code - (100% Java)

More detailed summary - Software Agent Server Summary

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